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– I think we’re playin’ this wrong. (beep) – If we playin’ this wrong, then, we just played this wrong. (beep) (laughs) That’s all I can say. (beep) ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ Boy you know I got it ♪ ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ I’ve got it, got it ♪ ♪ Boy you know I got it ♪ – [Both] On Karma Playhouse! What’s up K Army?

– Today we are back with another video! – We are back with another game, y’all. A classic game with a twist.

We are playing Giant UNO. Yeah! – These cards are heavy. – [Kirsten] It’s for two to 10 players… – [Miesha] For age seven and up… – Giant UNO Cards retail for $19.99 at Toys “R” Us, and $5.99 at Target.

So without further ado, – [Both] Let’s get into the video. (both exhale) – It even has a few cards in here that you can customize yourself and write whatever you wanna write on them. So, here are our cards, I’m just gonna shuffle ’em like this. – We both get seven cards and then we set the deck in the middle of us. There’s no way that you can shuffle those big cards!

(beep) – Seven cards. One, two, three, four, five, six, – [Both] Seven. – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. – A little big, it’s hard, to have to try to hide ’em.

(beep) – I can’t see anything, so don’t worry. (beep) – Red, two. Draw two. – Wait, hold on! (beep) – I gotta draw, hold on. We playin’ like speed UNO?

(beep) – Right? – Yeah, skip you, back to me. What’s the color? – I don’t know, but it was ’bout time you gotta draw four. Color is green. – Draw four.

– Ugh. – My color is yellow. – Reverse back to, who, you? – You. – Reverse back to me. Reverse back to me.

And again. Hold on. What am I playing? (both laugh) (beep) (laughs) I can’t see. Oh my god.

You ain’t got nothing? (beep) – I said skip you, so… – Oh, skip me. And you don’t have nothin’? – No.

– Why you draw another? (beep) – Okay it’s my turn now. – Yeah. I’m gonna need this.

Wait, yeah now you gotta put it in. ‘Cause neither one of these… – I think we playin’ this wrong. (beep) – If we playin’ this wrong, then we just played this wrong. (beep) – (laughs) – That’s all I can say.

(beep) – We played it out. – Maybe that’s how you play, though. – Havin’ big cards makes it way more difficult. – Skip you. It goes back to me. Three.

Skip you. UNO. – I need my online casino games in Canada – Ohhhh. – Wait, actually, no, it was still my turn.

– How? – You put a skip down? No, you put a seven. Draw two.

(beep) – Swap hands. – Screw you. What’s the color? – Yellow. – Color is blue. – Yellow, skip you.

Draw four, and the color is green. – There’s a green. – One.

– That’s game. – This game, this game is long! – It’s harder having fat cards ’cause you can’t see all what’s in your hand. – And then, like this card?

Never seen this card before in my life. They have a new card, it means swap hands. – I think the newest UNO has like a bunch of different new cards.

– Yeah, I mean I haven’t played it in so long but like, y’all this was fun! – It’s a little bit different because you have bigger cards so you can’t see what’s all in your hands. – Yeah, so, I mean, it was fun. If you guys wanna see us do a rematch, then comment that down below, because we will do it for you guys. You wanna see us add more players, do it with more players, comment that down below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video please like, – Comment, – Share, – Subscribe, and don’t forget to turn on your bell notifications so you get a– – [Both] ping every time we post.

– We love you guys, and we’ll see you guys next time on– – [Both] Karma Playhouse. Duces. – Hey I’m Kirstsen! – And I’m Miesha Michelle, and you’ve been watching– – [Both] Karma Playhouse. – If you like challenges, – And DIYs remember to watch more of our videos. – And smash the subscribe button below.

– [Both] Duces.