PlayerUnknown Says ‘PUBG’ Has What Other Esports Don’t

It’s not just your stereotypical video game. There’s like six, seven people around this area. Who’s got the high ground, who has the angle is going to win this one. It’s the adventure they go on and the path they take in order to try to win.

I think it’d make a great eSport, it’s quite easy to understand.┬áHe’s got it running, got it going, he’s out in the open, shots are coming in (Inaudible) and it’s a complete mess. That guy needs to stay alive, that guy needs to win the chicken dinner. Goes for the kill and then you have it.

Mithram seals the dinner. Look in the biggest games that have come the last like 15 years. Like Dota, CS Go. They’ve all kind of come from mods. The modder has this kind of freedom that a lot of like say triple A game developers don’t.

Executive level going, well you must do this, you must do this, because a study group, or focus group tells me that this is what gamers want to play, so I got to do a very pure idea. I think, because I’m ultimately a consumer, I’m not an industry veteran, I approach it slightly differently. I’m not skilled in game design or sports betting software. I wasn’t really paying attention to typical game design rules, but I’ve apparently followed a lot of them (Inaudible) knowing it. I think that’s why it’s been a success, because I just got to make a game I wanted to play, and other people wanted to play it too. When I made the mod my goal was to create a space that would test the player against other players.

You know, it wasn’t based on your knowledge of the weapons, or the map, or basically, it was a unique place where you could see every single game was unique, and every skill single game was different. And so, it was really testing you as a strategic and a tactical player. Didn’t matter what age you were. Didn’t matter how quick your reaction speeds were. If you were a smart enough player you could went against just 100 levels.

This play is everywhere. They’re getting tagged up. But he doesn’t want these fights. And you’re going to see holding on for dear life. He needs to get into the circle, he needs to get in. >> He does go down.

I mean, it’s been my dream since Battle Royale is to make I think it’s quite easy to understand, like a lot of the bigger eSports like Dota and League, unless you play the game and know the game, and we find it very hard to understand what exactly is going on. With (Inaudible) G you get a chance to tell a character’s story and explain, you know, that it’s not just a shooter game. It’s the adventure they go on, and the path they take in order to try to win. >> (Inaudible) Basically, left to die on the bridge. There’s no going back for him now.

It’s those kind of interesting stories that the game lends itself to. That I think would make it an interesting eSport, because it’s not just your stereotypical video game. It’s more about the stories that the characters have. As much as people talk about like the orangey nature of it. You know you see with the competitions that we’re running, that it’s the same top teams that tend to finish in the top, because they know how to play the game. I think it could be a very successful eSport, but it’s one we don’t want to rush into.

We’re doing a format that the players suggested. We went what do you think is fair for a Battle Royale event. We really believe that building a strong foundation, and building it up with the community will lead to the possibility of a great eSport.

Community is super important for balance in the game and giving us feedback on features and stuff like that. But really, having a good vision, it’s like that thing, the horse designed by a committee, you end up with the camel, I think you have to be careful when designing with the community that you really try to keep the vision pure. But use them to really sort of polish division and balance of. It’s releasing on Xbox One game preview on the 12th to December, especially for pledge the knees for. You have to grow your community in all regions, and across all platforms. That’s what we want to do, is build a community up.

If the community wants an eSport than I think one will grow from it. No, I mean, my life hasn’t changed all that much. I live in a lot more hotels now, and I travel a hell of a lot more, but I’m not an extravagant guy, you know. I have a daughter, and I have a family, and I kind of look after them, and that makes me happy.