Potential Of Your Game

I do off to do a fresh 250 pounds worth but then I’ll get 60 seconds so yeah  it I’ll clean that one see what goes on shall return here comes the little man honey stopped as well let’s have a puff of smoke off you big ad oh it’s so wild right come on more than sue yeah nice it’s unlucky that it’s unlucky 13 pound 60 it’s a bit towards the way Draenei oh oh you’re gonna stop is a question No are you  at least he gave me a win what’s that probably about five here he comes again party lad you need to be stopping this time mate puff of smoke come on it’s the heart again it was all right last time gave me a quid more more wilds wagering I’m up 292 outward 250 balance is suffering though down to 900 quid so don’t worry I won’t subject you to the whole sixty seconds of free spins. Learn how to analyze potential of the game at CasinoSlots.

I’ll just I’ll pause didn’t bring you back and show you how much I managed out of it right there we go the second bonuses unlocked continue I’ve got a minute up there so I’m going to pause you and I’ll bring you back when I’m nearly at the end of the minute see how much I managed to get all that one oh it’s popped out paddy what and the time is still going come on hurry up oh that’s ing unlucky alright that’s the first win actually 960 carry not wow that was it 13 pound 60 that was a bit feral that it came out and it carried on ticking down which was a bit annoying I’m gonna switch over to the lucky Halloween and and see what happens on this next one one hundred and twenty seconds two minutes floor three is this give me this shit one is it twenty seconds I love a look no no it’s right is two minutes for 500 quid right.

I’m going over to lucky Halloween see if I can get anything better on that one I have got a wage of 500 quid for this one though which is quite a lot so I’ve raised it to four quid steak probably and not a good idea I’ll bring you back if anything happens oh here he is go dark and stop this time oh yes it’s bringing the chain on four quid steak oh please don’t miss this time look at this big -off massive wild imagine you just Caroline go in all nice position chord symbols oh spew it’s gonna be it surely it’s gotta be a decent we’re not on for quit on it not a single premium there tens and Kings and Jack’s and queens  me it’s pretty damn unlucky I’m thankful to of to in for putting it on the first free reel so at least they did that nice look at the potential look at the potential.